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Harvest enjoys working with our many vendor partners to provide the best quality products, service and convenience to our patients, as well as operational efficiencies.

If you are a current vendor of Harvest HOC, this is the best way to contact our team. From general inquiries to invoice submissions to banking information changes, you can ensure your request will be received by the appropriate departments and responded to promptly.

  • For THC medicated invoices please email your invoice in PDF format to productinvoicing@harvestinc.com
  • For non-medicated THC invoices please email your invoice in PDF format to acctaz@harvestinc.com
  • Need to speak to AP directly? Contact AP Helpdesk 480-561-5646 or AP Manager 480-561-5632

Note: All invoices must be submitted in PDF format. There are separate vendor form subtypes for medicated and non-medicated invoice submissions.


Vendor Resources

All vendors for Harvest HOC must have the proper tax forms on file. If you would like to become a vendor for Harvest HOC, we will need the proper form submitted.