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At Harvest HOC, we are in the business of improving people's lives. We bring our purpose to life by creating life-enhancing experiences in the communities we serve, creating cannabis jobs, navigating our business lines with excellence, and dedicating ourselves to shaping the future of cannabis for good. Start your cannabis career today!

As a team that connects, enlightens, and empowers, Harvest is looking for people who are inspired by our vision and wish to grow with us as we continue our national expansion. If you too would like to improve people's lives, we'd like to learn more about you. As we open new dispensaries, positions for cannabis management jobs, dispensary manager jobs, and cannabis marketing jobs become available. Are Harvest dispensaries hiring in your area?


The Harvest Way is defined by our people. 

We are committed to our values and have created a culture of trust, but we also remember to have fun. Here are a few more reasons why Harvest is a great place to be:

  • Competitive pay
  • Attractive insurance benefits and options
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development and workplace happiness initiatives

We believe in building a diverse team. We strive to make our company a welcoming space where everyone can make an impact on Harvest's success. We encourage talented people from all backgrounds to join us at our dispensaries.


We communicate truthfully and in a way that fosters growth and potential.

We are principled and ethical (No Bullshittery).

We are the same people in all circumstances, sharing humor, having fun, and building trust.


We believe the quality and integrity of our products are upheld through accountability to our processes.

We are a company of integrity; therefore we hold ourselves and one another accountable to the highest standards.

We are accountable for continual improvement of Harvest, its products, and its people.


We are brave in our pursuit of shaping the cannabis industry.

We respectfully challenge the status quo.

We are firm in our determination to shift conversations and open minds.

We endure and are successful through resilience and perseverance.


We impact people in a way that improves their lives.

We make a difference in and forge relationships with each community we serve.

We are all connected. What we each bring to the Harvest team is an integral part of our ultimate success.