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Resident Medical Director

Dr. William Troutt is the Director of Medical Education of Harvest.

Dr. William D. Troutt

Dr. Troutt is a naturopathic medical doctor specializing in cannabis-based medicine and treatment. In addition to serving as Harvest’s national Director of Medical Education, he also serves as Medical Director for all Harvest dispensariesin Arizona like Scottsdale, Tucson, Tempeand Casa Grande. He has worked exclusively in the cannabis industry since 2010 and has consulted with thousands of cannabis patients, providing extensive practical experience in safe and effective cannabis use and treatment. Dr. Troutt also serves as a resource within the medical community, conducting dozens of formal lectures on safe and effective cannabis use. Notable examples include serving as the keynote speaker at a conference held by the Assisted Living Federation of America, presenting on cannabis and seizure disorders at the Mayo Clinic, and discussing cannabis for palliative care during cancer treatment at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Troutt is also a co-founder of the Medical Marijuana Research Institute and serves as the Executive Director for Harvesting Hope.