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Maxing Out Your Rewards: A How-To Guide for Trulieve Rewards

Now available in Arizona and coming to other states soon. Ever wondered how to make your visits to Trulieve dispensaries even more rewarding? Well, you're in luck! We're diving deep into the Trulieve Rewards program, showing you how to rack up points, snag those perks, and save big on your green goodies. Let's get into it! Click here to go straight to our frequently asked questions.

Joining the Club

How to Sign Up for Trulieve Rewards + Use your FIRST discount!

Quick Sign-Up: Whether you're in-store scanning a QR code or chilling at home signing up online, we've got you covered. Just tap here to sign up, fill out the form, and you will have immediate access to your rewards dashboard.

Instant Perks: Did you know you can get stackable 10% off and 20 bonus points just for joining?* Yes, it stacks with other deals or discounts. Your discount will automatically appear in your customer profile in-store when you sign up. Just ask your associate to apply it at checkout! Please note this discount cannot be seen in your rewards account, but rest assured, it will appear in-store when you’re ready to apply it.

*Please note you cannot stack this discount with the New Customer Discount.

Earning Those Points

How to Earn Points with Every Purchase

Point Per Dollar: For every dollar you spend, you earn a point. It's like a thank-you note from Trulieve, but better because you can use it to save on future purchases. Keep this in mind next time you're stocking up, and watch those points pile up! 

Special Bonuses: From birthday points that make your special day even better to double point days that make your purchases twice as nice, there's always an extra perk around the corner. And let's not forget about those special events – they're like point bonanzas waiting to happen. Stay tuned to Trulieve's communications so you don't miss out! 

Double Point Brands: Select brands at Trulieve are extra special, earning you double points on every purchase. That's right – for every dollar you spend on these select brands, you get not one, but two points per dollar towards your next reward.

Check out all the brands you can shop for 2x points: 

  • Avenue
  • Alchemy
  • Co2lors
  • Loveli
  • Modern Flower
  • Muse
  • Roll One

Spending Your Points

Redeeming Your Hard-Earned Rewards

Point to Reward Conversion: Those points you've been collecting? They translate into real savings. Whether it's turning 100 points into a $5 reward or hitting the big 2,000 for a whopping $160 off, your points are your ticket to savings. And the best part? You can redeem them on any product, any day.

Stacking Rewards: Here's possibly the most valuable tip of them all - you can stack your rewards with other ongoing sales (where allowed, of course). This means you could potentially save even more on your purchases. Imagine combining a 25% off sale with your rewards for an unbeatable deal. Keep an eye on the fine print and state-specific restrictions, but don't be shy to ask in-store if you're not sure how to make the most of your rewards.

Pro Tips to Make the Most of your Rewards

Maximizing Your Trulieve Rewards Experience

Point Management: Think of your points like a strategic game. Sometimes, it's smart to use them as you go, especially if you're eyeing a specific deal. Other times, saving them up for a big purchase can lead to even bigger savings. Just remember, points expire after 180 days from the time they were earned, so plan your moves wisely.

Expiration Insights: Speaking of expiring, keep a close eye on your points' lifeline. Trulieve's member dashboard is your best friend here, showing you exactly when you earned your points in your activity history.

Birthday Bonus: Make sure your dispensary account details are up to date to take full advantage of those 250 birthday points. That’s an instant $15 off your purchase! Points will be delivered the morning of your birthday so it's like a little birthday gift from Trulieve to you! 

Wanna Speak with Someone or Need Extra Assistance?

Reach out to them at for any inquiries or support you might need. They're your go-to resource for making the most out of your Trulieve Rewards experience!

FAQs and Insider Advice

What is Trulieve Rewards?

Trulieve Rewards is a customer rewards program offering patients and customers in participating states an easy platform to earn points on every purchase at Trulieve dispensaries. We've revamped and refreshed our old cannabis loyalty program to reward cannabis enthusiasts loyal to Trulieve with savings and perks.

How do I sign up for Trulieve Rewards?
Customers can join the program using QR codes in-store at all points of sale, or online at Sign up today and you'll get immediate rewards, like a stackable 10% OFF Signup Discount + 20 Bonus Points just for joining! Stackable means you can use your 10% OFF on top of other deals when shopping.
*Please note certain states may have restrictions and this sign up bonus cannot be applied to the new customer discount. 

What are some of the benefits of being a Trulieve Rewards member?
Beyond being able to earn reward points on every purchase, you'll also enjoy exclusive extras like members-only deals, birthday rewards, opportunities for double points, and more. Plus, there's no limitations on how you can use your rewards and perks. Redeem what you've earned on any product, any day. Our way of saying thank you, the Trulieve cannabis rewards program is designed to give you an exclusive cannabis buying experience with great savings on the products you love.

How do I earn points with Trulieve Rewards?
After joining Trulieve Rewards, existing members earn 1 point for every dollar spent at any Trulieve dispensary location. Your points are earned and logged upon pickup of a paid order. Get bonus points during members-only special events, on your birthday, and for engagement like social media interactions. Plus, earn double points when you buy products from select house brands.
*Please note certain states may have restrictions. 

What is the process for redeeming Trulieve Rewards points?
Redeeming points is easy with Trulieve Rewards. Points accumulate into reward amounts, like so:

  • 100 pts. = $5 Reward
  • 250 pts. = $15 Reward
  • 500 pts. = $35 Reward
  • 1,000 pts. = $75 Reward
  • 2,000 pts. = $160 Reward

Once you earn them, your rewards are always just a few clicks away. They can be applied at checkout in- store or online to save money on your favorite cannabis products and accessories. And, the Trulieve points system is integrated across all of our stores in participating states, so you're not limited to a single location. 

Can I apply my rewards on other sales of discounts?
Yes, however restrictions may apply on what sales and discounts you can apply your rewards too and this may vary by state.   

Can I save my points for bigger rewards, or do I have to use them on my next purchase? 
As a Trulieve Rewards member, you have the choice to either apply your rewards as you earn them or let them stack up for larger savings later. But remember, points expire after 180 days, so don't miss a chance to save when you have it.   

Can I combine or split my rewards?
No, you cannot combine or split rewards. Trulieve Rewards are specific to their redemption levels and each reward must be redeemed in full at its designated level. This policy ensures a clear and consistent approach to rewards redemption at all Trulieve dispensary locations.   

Do my points expire?
Yes, your points will expire on a rolling 180 days from when you earn them. You can check the purchase dates on the points you've accumulated in your Trulieve Rewards member dashboard. Work towards earning rewards and redeem them often!

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for using rewards at Trulieve?
Yes, there is a minimum purchase requirement when using the Trulieve dispensary loyalty program. To redeem a reward on a purchase, the total purchase amount must equal or exceed the value of the reward. For example, your purchase must be at least $20 to redeem a $20 reward on it. You cannot get points back. This policy helps maintain your points' value and ensure a consistent experience for all of our members.   

Where is the Trulieve Rewards program active?
Trulieve Rewards is launching across all states in 2024 – it may not be launched in your location yet, but it’s coming very soon! Members can earn points and redeem their rewards at any Trulieve dispensary location in participating states. If your state isn't listed yet, stay tuned. 

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