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Trulieve Rewards

Extra Goodness Awaits You

Trulieve Rewards is here. We believe our most loyal customers deserve to be rewarded. That’s why we've rolled out a brand-new, easy- to-use rewards program. Refreshed and revamped from our old points system, it’s designed to help you save on the cannabis products you love.

A Simple Way to Save

Signing up is easy, accumulating points is easy, and using your rewards is, you guessed it, easy. Click here to join now and you'll be on your way towards a whole heap of rewards.

So, how does it work? When you join Trulieve Rewards, you'll earn a point for every dollar spent at any participating location in-store or online. Then, your points add up to dollars-off rewards, like this:

  • 100 pts. = $5 Reward
  • 250 pts. = $15 Reward
  • 500 pts. = $35 Reward
  • 1,000 pts. = $75 Reward
  • 2,000 pts. = $160 Reward

Use them to save money on your favorite cannabis dispensary products and accessories every time you shop with us.

More Ways to Earn

Enjoy immediate perks just for joining, like a 10% OFF signup discount + 20 bonus points to get you started!

Plus, once you're in, you'll have access to members-only benefits like special deals and promos, opportunities for double points, and more. Get bonus points during exclusive events, on your birthday, and social media interactions. Plus, earn double points when you buy products from select house and partner brands. Find a full list of brands eligible for double points here.

See how easy it is to stack up points with an interactive tool on our landing page. View Here.

More Ways to Enjoy

Redeeming your rewards is simple and exciting.

Once you earn them, your rewards can be applied when you check out in-store or pick up an online order. Savings are yours every time you shop for cannabis products and accessories. It's also important to know - there are no limitations on what you can use your rewards and perks for. You can redeem what you've earned on any brand or product, any day. None of your favorites are off limits!

Our way of saying thank you, the Trulieve Rewards program is designed to give you an exclusive cannabis-buying experience with great savings on the products you love. It's live now in Arizona, with more states to follow.

Elevate Your Rewards: Earn Double Points on Trulieve's Select Brands!

If you're part of the Trulieve Rewards Programs, here's a hack on how to rack up points quickly. When you pick up any products from these select brands, you will score 2x the points for every dollar spent on that product. That's double the usual, just for choosing these top-notch brands. Check out this list of brands where your points will go the extra mile:

  • Avenue
  • Alchemy
  • Co2lors
  • Loveli
  • Modern Flower
  • Muse
  • Roll One

Remember, each purchase from these brands is your ticket to racking up those points twice as fast.

Subscribe to email and follow us on instagram for updates. Be the first to know when Trulieve Rewards goes live and get ready for all the extra goodness you deserve.

Some restrictions apply when combining rewards with other sales or discounts. The sign-up discount can't be used in conjunction with the new customer discount.

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