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Cannabis Products for an Active Lifestyle

There seems to be a common misconception that cannabis causes drowsiness and relaxation – and while this is certainly true for some patients and some cannabis medicines, there are many options that can help with an active lifestyle. 

Naturally, making the choice between sativa strains (generally considered more stimulative in their effects) and indica strains (usually observed to have mellow, sedative properties) might motivate a patient mentally to take on physical tasks, but beyond the mere sensation of psychoactive energy, cannabis may hold certain properties that can help with exercise, which can ultimately drive your overall health forward!

Among the ways that cannabis can improve your quality of physical exercise is by way of its bronchodilatory effect. Inhaled THC has been observed to cause inner diameter of the bronchi and bronchioles (the tracts that lead to the lungs) to expand, letting an unobstructed flow of oxygen into the lungs and into your bloodstream, which can prove quite beneficial for athletic endurance, especially for those who may be hindered by conditions such as asthma. If you don't feel like inhaling cannabis smoke before rigorous cardiovascular exercise, perhaps a Dream Steam vaporizer or other clean, inhaled source of THC can help your performance!

As your physical performance improves and you’re able to push yourself harder, you’ll also need to consider your recovery more carefully. Check out our list of 4 Cannabis Products for Quick Workout Recovery.

As our Medical Director, Dr. Troutt, will attest, success with medical cannabis is a matter of finding what specific regimen works for you – much like a fitness routine; we believe both of those regimens can be compatible with each other! As always, your friendly and knowledgeable Patient Advisor at Harvest can help you find the best new products on our shelves – it’s our mission to motivate you towards new standards of health, so that you can keep your lifestyle active and happy!

This information is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only, not for diagnosing or treating any medical condition

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