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4 Cannabis Products for a Quick Workout Recovery

How can you keep your body feeling good while sculpting it to the shape of your dreams?

Good news. Cannabis can reduce muscle pain between workouts.

If you’re using or considering cannabis to manage pain or other health issues, there a few products worth adding to your fitness regime.

Best Cannabis Products for Workout Relief   

In case you didn’t know, cannabis has more to offer than flower alone. Various options don’t require a smoking apparatus, and don't hit you with too much psychoactivity; we want to make sure you actually do make it to the gym!

Here are 4 types of cannabis products you may want to keep on hand.  

Cannabis Bath Salts 

There’s nothing like a hot soak after an intense hike or killer workout. Add some Epsom salts (long known for their therapeutic properties) to that hot water and your bath becomes your best friend.

Now you can make those baths even better with cannabis bath salts. Think: Epsom and Dead Sea salts infused with cannabis and aromatherapy oils. The combination is a sure recipe for relief. Just fill your tub, add a cup of cannabis bath salts and slip in for at least a 20-minute soak. 

Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are one of the most versatile forms of cannabis as they can be ingested, taken sublingually or applied topically. It’s all in what works for you.

If smoothies or protein shakes are part of your morning or post-workout routine, try adding a few drops of cannabis tincture. Ideal for people who prefer oral consumption and far cleaner for your body than edibles, which are often laden with sugar and other fillers.

For those who need more rapid absorption, just place a couple of drops directly under your tongue. The sublingual method provides a quick and direct pathway for cannabinoids to instantly reach your bloodstream.

Cannabis Salve 

If however, you’re looking for deeper topical relief, CBD salve might be your best bet. There are lots of CBD salves on the market, but CBx Sciences Intensive Salve is one that we suggest considering. This unique formula combines CBD with arnica (another herb widely known for its ability to reduce pain) and other plant remedies like white willow bark and calendula. The recipe delivers a powerful topical salve that penetrates your muscles.

Roll-Ons, Body Oils and Sprays 

Some people don’t care for the thick, oily texture of a salve and prefer lighter, fast-drying options. If that sounds like you, consider picking up a CBD-infused roll-on or spray.

Sprays and roll-ons typically come in small bottles that are easy to toss in your gym bag.These products have a big advantage by being inconspicuous, so you can apply them anywhere – in the locker room, your car, or even out and about in public settings. They provide several benefits for your skin. This means you won’t just feel your best, but you’ll look great too.

Add Cannabis to Your Workout Routine

Don’t let muscle pain cause you to abandon your new year’s resolutions. Grab your prescription card, head down to your local Harvest and pick up some topicals or tinctures today.

And if you don’t have a Harvest in driving distance or you don’t have your medical card, each of these products has pure CBD variations. This means there are non-psychotropic options that are far more accessible and legal in most states giving you the ability to add cannabis to your workout regimen just about anywhere.

Products to Consider

Arizona: MÜV patches, Healing Resources CBD tinctures

California: Mary's Medicinals topicals, Care By Design tinctures

Florida: Evo Labs Orange tinctures

Maryland: Dr. Solomon's topicals, Canna Hemp Tinctures

Pennsylvania: Standard Farms tinctures, Illera Topicals

This information is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only, not for diagnosing or treating any medical condition like marijuana muscle recovery.

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