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A farmer checking the growth of cannabis in a greenhouse facility

Harvest’s stringent standards make it the industry leader in providing quality cannabis for our consumers. We go above and beyond most state requirements and apply the most rigorous testing standards to our products.


Our fully-dedicated staff has decades of experience protecting the public by making only the highest-grade products available for consumption. We have a robust team in each state of professionals with backgrounds as regulators, medical professionals, and scientists. Their expertise makes Harvest the standard-bearer for quality.


Our flowers, oils, and other ingredients are of the highest quality in the industry. At Harvest, our products are made of the highest quality cannabis from growers that are held to the upmost agricultural standards. We use all-natural fruit derived flavors, nothing artificial. We do not use vitamin E oil or acetate and our products have no PG, VG, or PEG. Each ingredient requires thorough testing and re-testing for quality assurance before it can ever make it into one of our products. 


Harvest Health exceeds regulatory standards in auditing the origins of every piece of hardware in our manufacturing supply chain. We look beyond the Certificates of Analysis from our suppliers and rigorously test every part of every product before it is provided to our consumers. We take the time to understand where each component comes from, how it was made, and apply industry-leading standards by breaking them down to the chemical and molecular levels to ensure they are ready for consumers. Once components have been adequately sourced, our products are then manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to industry-leading standards. Ensuring quality production is of paramount importance at every step of our manufacturing process. 

Device Protection

At Harvest, we stand by tamper-evident packaging. Although not required by all states in which we operate, we apply the strictest regulatory standards everywhere we do business to ensure that our devices are protected from tampering. Before any Harvest device reaches store shelves, our engineering team works diligently to assure that they are protected from contamination and modification for illicit use. 

Non-Harvest Brand Retail Products

We hold any brand we partner with to the same strict quality standards. We work diligently to ensure that they are manufactured responsibly from quality ingredients. Our dispensaries consumers can rest assured that any product for sale at any of our retail locations is of the highest quality.