harvest brand flower illustration


Harvest is proud to offer the following brands. If you would like to purchase these products visit a Harvest dispensary near you or shop your local menu.

Roll One

Roll One offers a wide variety of good quality classics without any of the pretentious cannabis hype. It’s good quality at everyday value. 

Available states: Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania (coming soon under the name GoodSun), and Utah (branded as GoodSun)

Modern Flower

For the canna-curious to the more seasoned user, Modern Flower offers quality, approachable products to fit contemporary cannabis lifestyles. 

Available states: Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania (coming soon), and Utah


EvoLab products are grounded in science. Since its founding in 2011, Evolab has pushed the limits of cannabis science, pioneering advanced technologies that deliver only the purest experiences. That's the power of the flower, realized through science and innovation.

Available states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Maryland


All natural, 80%+ THC fruit flavored cannabis vape pens and cartridges. 

Available states: Arizona, California (coming soon), Colorado, Florida, and Maryland