harvest brand flower illustration


Roll One

All the weed you need. Half ounce pre-packaged at an affordable price. Available States: Arizona, California (coming soon), Colorado, Florida


Evolab is a company grounded by science. Since its founding in 2011, Evolab has pushed the limits of cannabis science, pioneering advanced technologies that deliver only the purest experiences. That's the power of the flower, realized through science and innovation.


All natural, 80%+ THC fruit flavored cannabis vape pens and cartridges. Available States: Arizona, California (coming soon), Colorado, Florida, Maryland

Modern Flower

Decades of science. Years of cultivation. This is Modern Flower. Coming soon.

High Pops

Cannabis-infused frozen treats to turn anytime into summertime. Every pop contains 5mg of THC and comes in four refreshing flavors. Available States: Arizona (coming soon), Colorado.