New Bill May Improve Veteran’s Access to Medical Marijuana

The Huffington Post reported today that Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) and Dana Rohrbacher (R-California), along with 10 bipartisan cosponsors, introduced a bill allowing Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors to recommend medical marijuana for their patients. Blumenauer was quoted saying, “Post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury are just as damaging and harmful as any injuries that are visible from the outside. Sometimes even more so because of the devastating effect they can have on a veteran’s family. We should be allowing these wounded warriors access to the medicine that will help them survive and thrive, including medical marijuana, not treating them like criminals and forcing them into the shadows. It’s shameful.”

This bill represents a major step forward for veterans, nearly 30% of whom suffer from PTSD and depression after serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. However, only 10 states currently allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana for PTSD-related symptoms.

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