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4 Ways Cannabis Can Strengthen Romantic Relationships

We often spend more time with our significant others than any other individuals in our lives. So, it’s important to understand if cannabis is helpful or harmful to our connections with our partners.

Despite the lack of formalized studies directly observing the effects of cannabis on romantic relationships, there are an abundance of emotional and physical effects of cannabis that can certainly be beneficial for couples; let's shine a light on a few of them!

How Cannabis May Improve Relationships

We’ve found several ways that cannabis promotes healthy intimate relationships. Before we dive into those benefits, there are two things we find particularly interesting:

  • Most of these benefits can hold true even if only one person in the relationship uses cannabis.
  • It doesn’t matter if cannabis is part of your daily life or you only use it a couple times a month. It's likely that you may still experience these results.
  • It’s important to note that chronic over-consumption can trigger the opposite effects in almost all of these areas; the "bi-phasic" effect.


1. Improves communication

Communication can be tough for some couples, especially when it comes to certain subjects. Topics like finances, kids, personal boundaries and anything about which we have opposing opinions can trigger defensiveness. And some people naturally have a difficult time opening up and sharing their feelings.

Cannabis has been known to break down communication barriers. And it often makes it easier to express our own thoughts and feelings.

2. Deepens connection and intimacy

Many people believe that cannabis makes it easier to for them to relate to and connect with their partners. Although science is still a bit unclear as to why this is, studies show a connection between the endocannabinoid system and the production of oxytocin.  Oxytocin is commonly referred to as “the love hormone” and can strengthen social and intimate bonds between people.

3. Enhances sex

There is a strong documented correlation between cannabis and sexual experience. Several studies involving cannabis and sex were conducted in the 70’s, and a recent report published in the Pharmacological Research Journal found that 70% of users report feeling more intense pleasure and satisfaction when they have intercourse after using cannabis.

4. Stimulates laughter

Couples who laugh together stay together; spouses and romantic partners who remain together through old age often develop similar wrinkles, shaped by smiling and laughing with each other! Science confirms that laughter has positive effects on relationship quality. And we know of no better recipe for laughter than cannabis. Cannabis can often trigger outbreaks of laughter and generally promotes an elevated and convivial mood.

If your relationship needs a boost, consider whether cannabis may be the right medicine for you. As with all things, the key to gaining the most benefit lies in balance. Too much marijuana can potentially deliver the opposite effects.

5 Cannabis Products Perfect for Couples

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed relationship or just casually dating, cannabis can make a great gift for the special someone in your life. Here are a few products worth picking up for date night!

  • Sex-enhancing strains – People are rapidly learning that different strains of cannabis plants have different effects. When it comes to psychoactivity, certain strains can have more of an impact on our sex life than others. Some have high aphrodisiac-like effects.
  • Cannabis-infused lubricants – Sensual body oils and infused lubricants are a rapidly-growing product segment in the cannabis market. These products go beyond the purpose of traditional personal lubricants to activate local endocannabinoid receptors in the genitals. They’re quickly becoming a popular way to spice up one’s sex life, parti cularly for women!
  • THC bath salts – Nothing says romance like a bath for two. Lighting up some candles, adding some aromatherapy and slipping into the suds with your partner can be a sensual experience. To make that bath even better, consider adding some cannabis bath salts. This full-spectrum mineral soak from Sublime is one of our favorites. Infused with cannabis oil and essential oils, it’s sure to make your bodies feel oh, so good.
  • Candies and other edibles – Love and sweets often go hand in hand. Fortunately, dispensary shelves these days are stocked with a plethora of delectable edibles that can make your mouth water just by looking at them.
  • Anything “chocolate” – “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” -Charles Schultz.

    If chocolate is what you’re after, you don’t necessarily need to resort to edibles. While there are lots of CBD- and THC-chocolates, there are also several flower strains available in bud and concentrate forms that carry a flavor profile that suggests the richness of chocolate. Personally, we’re fond of this Select Elite CO2 Oil Chocolope Cartridge

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